Words With Nerds: Giving an S

In the ninth episode of Words With Nerds, we lead an insurrection of intelligence and drop knowledge bombs on everyone. The Emperor arrives to put us back on schedule, because you demanded it. Disclaimer: 2,567 Bothans died to bring you this information. Listen Today! Download! Subscribe! Enjoy! Here are some of the gems you can […]

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Five Years

As has become something of an annual tradition, I’m commemorating a bizarre incident in my life, and once again I’ve hesitated to do so. This is because this is still an uncomfortable thing to write about and share. But I relive these moments every year and there were others who were there too. Most of […]

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Words With Nerds: THRILLHO

In the eighth episode of Words With Nerds, it’s back to basics as your humble hosts engage in our traditional chess match of reference and wit. We touch on a number of topics, all of them contentious, all of them now resolved for all time now that we’ve spoken on them. Listen Today! Download! Subscribe! […]

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We Need Another Star Wars

I’m really on a kick about loss of innocence and the need for childlike amazement lately. I’m sure that says something about what’s going on in my head. But to be very precise about it, I’m looking forward to 2015 and what Disney does with the Star Wars franchise. This is for one very specific […]

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