I’ve been repeatedly challenged, both directly and indirectly, about my reasoning for Endor being a forest moon orbiting Coruscant. Setting aside whether or not I’m “right” for believing something that does not directly contradict anything in the film, and which I enjoy, I’ve been challenged on the idea that the Empire would have deforested and used the resources of any moon around it well before Return of the Jedi came around.

So let’s cover ground on what purpose a forested moon could have served orbiting Coruscant in the first place, justifying its tranquility

  1. It is referred to as the Sanctuary Moon.
  2. It was a secret military facility.
    1. It was a training ground for troops
    2. They did Mad Scientist experiments on Ewoks
    3. Recognizing the limitations of AT-ATs, they were developing new tech or adapting old for new attack terrains (developing the AT-ST further)
  3. Vader used it as his personal staging grounds
  4. The Emperor used it as a training area and/or where he kept the clones of himself
  5. It provided the necessary well spring of The Living Force (referred to by Qui-Gon) that may have in some way empowered the Emperor.

Either way, and this ties into the whole EU argument, any one of these explanations works. The reason they work is that they make as much sense as anything else in Star Wars.

Giant walking tanks. That can be tripped. Not on wheels or hovering, since that technology exists even in the pre-prequel versions. But giant walking tanks that can trip and explode because tripping exposes the single chink in the armor that allows a craft, whose weapons are useless before the fall, to blow it up.

And yet, any of my explanations that a forested moon would orbit Coruscant make less sense? Check Yo Head!

I won’t lie, I’m very partial to the idea of #5, that the Emperor/Vader had to keep it around as that natural well-spring of energy that tied them to the full potential of the Force. They don’t even need to tell anyone else that’s why it’s there. Because they run everything and can do whatever they want!

#4 feels a little bit like a cheat since my semi-disdain for EU is well documented, but it’s my olive branch to those who want to preserve it. See? I’m thinking it through for you.

#3 is kind of a neat idea. Vader would go there and just use it to meditate and/or work out some anger. Maybe look for herbal remedies for burns or something.

#2 works because frankly, why not?

#1 Sanctuary – Maybe there’s some Sith relic somewhere on there that Palpatine/Sidious uses in order to be a more perfect channel for The Dark Side, because again – why not?

In Conclusion

There is nothing you can’t think your way through. Stop being limited by the marketing and let your brain run free as when you were a child! Del Rey doesn’t own your brain, and neither does anything not committed to film. So have fun with it, as I have, and rediscover the joy of being a fan!