Words With Nerds Episode V: Candy Cane on a Potato

Batman v. Superman
Artist’s conception of Craig and me debating during Episode V.

In the fifth episode of Words With Nerds, we examine origin points and where we are as a society of sensitivity. I know I’m late posting it here, but life’s been busy.

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Here are some of the gems you can look forward to in the fifth episode:

    Craig and John discuss…

  • …the toy that started us down the path of nerd-dom.
  • …when we were children the term “interactive” on toys meant a suction cup and/or magnets.
  • …were we so easily duped as children that they could have paired any two nouns together and tell us it was an alien race?
  • …why are people so angry and wanted to protest everything about the Oscars®
  • …could Mel Brooks’ early films have been made with the oversensitive society we have become
  • …the death of the critic and their usefulness
  • …and of course we end with our singature Nerd Rage.

Added Bonus: No need to bleep out any cursing this time!

Considering all of the quality entertainment available for free in just that one episode, you’d be a fool not to listen, memorize and start transcribing our episodes for free!


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