The Latest Episode of Words With Nerds is Online

Luke, Vader, Lightsabers
Which is he and which am I? Listen and learn!

It’s an exciting time! The second episode of our well-received—some might say acclaimed—podcast is up online.

In this episode, Craig defends his honor and redeems himself from the beating he took at the end of the previous episode. We get a little controversial as we explore what it truly means to be a geek, and explore the strange phenomenon known as the “Fake Geek Girl.”

We explore whether sidekicks are truly vital to a hero storyline, and what defines them.

But most importantly, you get to hear me make the first official fumble of the podcast. I’m sure it won’t be the last. But you know what they say. You always remember your first.

And in case visiting podbean is too tough a thing to do for you, we’re up on iTunes now too. Between this and the changes I’m working on with the blog it sure feels like 2013 is going to be the year that the universe starts doling out some happiness.

For me, for you…for the good of the children. And feel free to post questions in the comments section here. One of the purposes of the redesign of the blog (still ongoing) is to give you a chance to pipe in and give us some follow-up opportunities.

Listen to the podcast on podbean here ».

Listen to the podcast on iTunes » (It’s a neat service you may have heard about.)


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