Can a Love Interest Be a Sidekick?

On the last episode of Words with Nerds (available here on iTunes and Podbean) we debated sidekicks and henchmen. One argument has continued in the Twitterverse between Craig and a legendary antagonist (Jar Jar Hater) who insists that love interests can, indeed, be sidekicks. The first example, I have to say, does not support the […]

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Bravo, Stan Lee

So I’m up late (It’s just about midnight as I write this) and I go over to Mashable and do a quick scan to see that Stan Lee took to YouTube to comfort a kid who got hurt in a shooting incident. Watch the video below. I know that it’s not a cure for cancer, […]

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Why I Love Downton Abbey

Why do I love Downton Abbey? First and foremost, because it’s a great show. But also because I think there are a lot of things that American audiences—and hence American audiences— can learn from it and/or imitate to great success. Of course, I love the fact that it’s a history lesson. The research on the […]

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That Sobering Realization

We’re prepping to move, and so we’re clearing a lot of junk out of our place. And we do have a lot of junk. I’ve gone on before about how possessions are fleeting and how clearing out my father’s house made me appreciate how useless so much of what we think useful is. And here […]

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So I Got A New MacBook

Look, with the way I feel like I’ve been metaphorically run through the emotional ringer since early in November, I decided that with some saved up money I was going to treat myself. Not just a little bit either. And with something that would be useful to me in a lot of ways. So yesterday […]

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