So here we are, the end of our series of unanswered questions from the Star Wars saga.

But not really. I’m walking away for a little bit, but you can bet this topic comes back. Considering the entire concept was spurred by a question I asked Agent Bun just before we watched The Amazing Spider–Man, which was better than people gave it credit for and definitely better than Prometheus, the focus will expand. But for now…the curtain falls.

So here is my question (for now) regarding Revenge of the Sith.

Why Didn’t Mace Windu Take More Than Just Jedi to Accuse and Arrest the Chancellor?

I mean, on some level he had to know where things were headed. Especially since Anakin leveled the charge that Palpatine was the Sith Lord, meaning all of the focused physical power of the Dark Side was now manifesting in him alone just before they went off to get him.

I get that the Jedi were cocky, but this just makes Windu seem so cocksure as to be stupid. The troops were still loyal to you, and there was a whole battalion (I guess) headquartered in the temple or near it. If you went with a platoon of soldiers, at least you’d give Palpatine a motivation to “play it cool” and at least cede political power while things were “sorted out.”

He wouldn’t be issuing orders for one thing. Orders that led to the wiping out of the Jedi.

Unlike some of the previous ones, I don’t have a ready–made, logical answer to this one other than to say that Windu is already teetering on the edge of the Dark Side and motivated by a quest not for justice at that point, but vengeance.

Also for the record, I know that the way it is in the film is more dramatic, and played that way on purpose, but the whole point of this series is to look at things from different angles and try to imagine different ways it could have played. So don’t go responding that it’s for the sake of drama. I want a serious nerd over–examination of it.