Another Unanswered Question from Star Wars

The Clone asked the following question during one of our day-long nerd-fests.

I’m satisfied with my own reasoning, but I figured it would be worthwhile to see what everyone else thought.

He framed the question thus (I can’t get the precise quote up, so I’m going from memory).

The crux of the question, though, is one of trust, much like the Luke Skywalker question a few days ago.

Why did the Rebel Alliance trust Han enough to give him rank in their military structure?

Han goes from ne’er–do–’ell to rebel hero to a heart throb in the course of the three films. It’s a journey that I can identify with deeply, especially the heart throb part.*

* Statement true only in Eastern Europe

So let’s break this down logically in a simple Pro/Con fashion.

    1. Here are the knocks



  1. Drug smuggler
  2. Underworld Superstar
  3. Led the Empire to Yavin IV
      • (


      it was unwittingly)
  4. Wanted criminal; possibly needs to work off a debt/commute a sentence
  5. No positive proof of identity
    1. Here are the arguments



  1. Showed up at last minute to save Luke…or was it to knock Vader out of the way and save him?
      After all, he shot to Vader’s flank, when he probably could have shot him directly
  2. Princess Leia wants to make passionate Wookiee love to him

So much like my questions about Luke’s involvement and immediate acceptance, we have questions about Han’s. I want full nit-picking here, no holds barred and brutal.

Convince me Han Solo is worthy of the trust and rank he receives from the Rebel Alliance after Star Wars.

10 thoughts on “Another Unanswered Question from Star Wars

  1. He’s a smuggler, but is he a drug smuggler? I don’t recall them saying it was drugs. It could well be nylons.

    Be that ad it may, many rebellions have more than their share of criminals in them.


    1. In the film, they didn’t say it directly. If you recall, 3P0 worried about being sent to the “spice mines of Kessel” and Han bragged about his flight “time” on the Kessel Run. Spice wasn’t “oregano” but Lucas’ oblique reference to Dune. Later stuff teased out that Han was basically a drug smuggler — hence “kesseljunkie” as well – I go into that insane reasoning on my About page. 🙂


      1. Huh. Never really thought about it. Of course, if you look at FARC and the way they fund there operations, having a drug smuggler in your rebel group would be pretty useful.


  2. I saw the Dark Knight Rises in England. Bane is Batman’s real father. He raped Batman’s mother.

    Oh, I almost forgot. *** SPOILER ALERT*** What you read above is a spoiler, so don’t read it if you don’t want to know.

    Moving on. Here are some points that, at times, must be considered in tandem to form a semi-coherent argument.

    1. There isn’t a single person in the Rebel Alliance that isn’t a criminal. They’re rebels. (Actually, they’re revolutionaries, because in hindsight, they won.)
    2. Han was driven to a life of crime (much like the rebels) by the Empire. It was his best option for a way of life, and it’s no worse than treason.
    3. Han redeemed himself by coming back and helping out.
    4. Business makes strange bedfellows. So does desperation.
    5. By assumption, the rebels were constantly trusting shady “people.” (I never met a Bothan I felt I could trust, nor that I truly considered a person. God hates aliens.). They didn’t make those shady bastards generals, but then again, maybe the Bothans didn’t have unregistered ships with blasters. Resources were scarce.
    6. Is trusting a moisture farmer, garbage bag maker, or barroom waiter any more sensible than trusting a guy who knows his way around a galaxy or two? He may not be trustworthy, but he’s competent, off the radar, and chock full ‘o resources. They needed what he had. Good luck finding someone else that has all three, let alone someone who has all four.
    7. Maybe the rebels accomplished what they did because they were hard-working, and not because they weren’t stupid as rocks. See How It Should Have Ended for more details on their stupidity (and the Empire’s).

    Bane becomes the Riddler at the end of the film. They’re the same dude. Batman hits his head so hard that he can no longer speak without riddles.

    *** SPOILER ALERT! ***


  3. Not sure I can, but there is one aspect of his past from the expanded universe which could have been added. Like many Corellians, Han was trained at the Imperial academy in flight, so he knew how to fly and this would give him some inside knowledge they could exploit. Plus, his obvious grudge against the Empire and familiarity with the space lanes would make him a good informant and possible runner. But a soldier and general? Yeah, not so much…


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