The Dark Knight Rises: A Prediction

Amid all the predictions, anticipation, hype and marketing* surrounding the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, in which I am most definitely interested, I have a bold prediction. My predictions don’t always come true, but often when it comes to movies, there’s a history of getting things right along at least a 70/30 split, which isn’t bad. Usually I’m at least in the ballpark.

So after paying money to see the first six minutes, with a Mission: Impossible movie shown afterward as a door prize, looking at the released photos (avoiding spoilers like the plague) and studying the first two films again, I have a bold predicition.

At least half the so–called Fanboys are going to sh*t all over this movie.

I call it the “Phantom Menace Effect.” It later repeated itself on a smaller scale with the 2009 Star Trek, because Star Trek as a property had contracted to a smaller scale by that point. It’s happened with other franchises as well, but none so memorably as with Star Wars.

I hope the geek, wanna–be geek and psuedo–nerd audience at large keep an open mind, remember that previews are designed to energize and if you go in with expectations set too high, you cannot help but be disappointed. It makes no difference to me since I have no financial stake in the film, but I hope everyone gives the film a fair shake and judge it on its merits and not our expectations.

I’m not overly optimistic, but I can dream.

*Remember, marketing is only bad when Lucas does it. Never anyone else.

Also, enjoy the trailer.

4 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: A Prediction

  1. Bane’s costume is the wrong color, and I can’t let it go because as long as I shout about it, I feel more important than I am.


    1. You laugh, but one of the first complaints I ever read was that he wasn’t wearing “the right mask” followed shortly thereafter by another mask that he didn’t have the tubes in his neck and arms. Heaven forbid they try to make him look believably terrifying (and they succeeded).


      1. You think I’m laughing about people’s insecure need for drama? Have you ever read any of my posts to my blogs?


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