We All Got It Comin’, Kid

Michael Fucking Bloomberg
Also, we’ll tell you what to eat, peasant!

The Schofield Kid
Yeah, well, I guess they had it coming.

Will Munny
We all got it coming, kid.

Today, I read something that just made the wind fall out of my sails a little bit more. I’d sort of snickered when DHS was forced to release its list of words to be monitored on social media in February. I mean, TSA is a prime example of the fact that they don’t have the highest hiring standards in the first place. While not comforting to know the draconian levels to which a free society will sink for the sake of protecting itself, I took solace in the fact that the people doing the enforcing were likely nincompoops. (Of course, then you can end up in a Brazil–type fiasco, but things being what they are, what the heck.)

Then today I read about the Facewatch ID app released in the UK. Noble ends: catch the rioters and looters that helped wreck the place not so long ago.


It gets us conditioned, like our creepy “If you see something say something” billboards (and QR codes? really?) in Metro sub stations around DC, to expect to be watched and to turn us all into snitches. For once the baseline is established, like that whole thing about the frog being slowly boiled, before you know it…

At the same time, SWATting is happening, with people like Brett Kimberlin targeting those who speak ill of him or his many causes, so maybe we’re there already.

Rat out your neighbors. Report them to Attack Watch. Trust No One!



2 thoughts on “We All Got It Comin’, Kid

  1. Related: there’s a HUGE difference between “Keep Calm and Carry On” and “See Something, Say Something”. (If you don’t know the story, look it up) Which could really be argued as a better or worse mentality than we have today. (Which I’m decidedly undecided on).

    1. I have to go with “living during the Blitzkrieg” being a good qualifier for anything that had to be done back then. As for the current stuff, what grates is the presumption of guilt for everyone. They’re screening words, not behaviors and the bologna of “random searches” at the airport is ridiculous; it’s tired, but true: Israel is literally in the middle of a host of enemies, both terrorists and states that want to wipe them out. But they seem to do OK with air travel. Why wouldn’t we look at their system and you know…use it?

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