Super Fun Happy Learning Sandwich

Kirk Spock and McCoy
Fonzie’s sense of whimsy, after all, lasts until well into the 23rd Century.

We’ve had a project in committee for more than a month, still struggling with the title of this thing. Since I’m developing the template and I’m all about making myself laugh, I plopped a joke name in there just as a placeholder.

I chose Super Fun Happy Learning Sandwich. The project leader gave it a mock stamp of approval, keeping the giggles going.

I get the need for professionalism, but in an era where it’s harder and harder to stand out…why don’t we use whimsy more often? If I got monthly e-mails called Super Fun Happy Learning Sandwich, I’d pay attention…and get a harmless chuckle out of the place I’m sending membership dues.

Maybe I’ve just snapped. But why not?


kessel komments

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