I meant to reblog this a few days ago, because it’s very thoughtfully reasoned and I enjoy reading my cousin’s take on law matters since he actually knows what he’s got that fancy law learnin’ and whatnot.

Rob's Blog of Controversy

To all my Facebook friends that love to comment or ask questions without actually reading my articles, please don’t bother to do so. I won’t respond because your words are probably irrelevant to what I’m going to say or have already been answered. I have to lead with this request because only the first couple sentences of a post will show up on Facebook. Sorry for the distraction.

The public reaction to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission , 558 U.S. 50 (2010), is another shining example of what’s wrong with political discourse in America, and as such, the soundest argument ever made won’t sway people’s views. Americans view the decision as favoring Republicans, which means Republicans love it, and Democrats hate it. As with most political issues, the “why” of the decision is irrelevant to most of us. We believe what we want to believe, logic be damned! Nevertheless…

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