I Don’t Know Any Other Way to Be!

THX 1138
You live your life this way. Go ahead.

Recently, frequent blog contributor and bon vivant Frylock observed about my purchase and musings on the Star Trek V soundtrack (which is freaking terrific, by the way),

Geez. You’re really going all in on this one, aren’t you?

Which prompted me to think, when has anyone ever known me to be otherwise? Hint: no. It’s part of my darn charm.

I know that I get chided for it, and people still can’t tell that I’m playing along—sometimes insisting they got me “riled up”—but the fact of the matter is, I love being passionate. Maybe that’s why I love the character of Sybok.

There are times, though, where I’m totally yanking someone’s (your?) chain. Just like Denis Leary, sometimes I exaggerate to make a point.

But Seriously

I do live life passionately because I want to. I choose to. Contrary to the past, I have quite a good handle on my emotions. If I get animated about something, it’s because I want to be.

I have a belief that there is something after this, but I don’t know that for sure. So if I get one shot, and that shot could end tomorrow for all I know, why not be passionate? I’m not looking to wander through life like it’s THX–1138.

Why not care…a lot?

Besides, everyone has their “something” they want to be passionate about. I choose to have more than one. Because life is a joyous, wondrous miracle and the fact that you’re living it should be something you love doing every damn minute of every damn day.

Even Spock learned this lesson…arguably, from Sybok.

I’m sorry, did I just blow your gosh-darn mind?

Oh that’s right. I went there.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Any Other Way to Be!

  1. Interesting. I’ve taken on a (very minor) mission of trying to get people to calm down. By simply and (hopefully) clearly discussing complex legal issues (e.g., Citizens United) and the political dynamic, my intent is to get people to realize that there’s no reason to yell at the other side. We all have holes in our knowledge, so it prevents us from having all the answers. This comes from a very argumentative childhood (as you know), which I’ve tried to put behind me at the expense of avoiding arguments. You, on the other hand, we’re on the receiving end of my nuclear family’s “arguing for the sake of argument,” and now you have this intense need to push buttons. (I don’t mean that in a bad sense.) It appears we’re both trying to grow by moving in the other’s childhood direction. As I said, interesting.

    1. Hmm. I guess I’d say that I don’t think I communicated my own point clearly enough. The point of the post was not to champion being argumentative for the sake of it (I don’t) but at the same time pointing out the error in the presumption that believing deeply in something is somehow a limiting principle.

      In other words, I’m not starting fights (using the term for the sake of discussion) just to start them (which is, with all due respect, what your family did) but I’m also not ashamed to hold a conviction about something, often passionately – a good example would be the proper role of a federal government. This does not mean I look upon someone else who holds a different view than mine in a “lesser” light, just that I have a core belief about something and it’s not wrong to feel strongly about it.

      My own immediate family was full of passionate people too, for the record. Again with due respect, they were a far bigger influence on me than your immediate family was, and continue to be.

      Being a dick about things for the sake of it (which is what many of our mutual *extended* family members did) is not the same as passionately believing something. Pushing buttons speaks, if anything, to a lack of true conviction as those that do that are often contrary for the sake of it (based on my own anecdotal evidence).

      Sent from a mobile device. Please forgive any misspellings.

      1. I will *not* fucking forgive mispellings!!!


        I didn’t mean to suggest you had swung all the way over to an extreme. I meant only that I’ve spent my past 10 years or so running from that extreme, and you’re heading towards it (not necessarily anywhere near it). We’re coming from opposite sides of the spectrum and are switching sides. My positions on that spectrum have, in both cases, been more extreme than yours, but it’s still interesting to see opposite forms of growth.

        As for your message about passion, again I find myself realizing how little justification we have for most of our passions politically speaking. That’s a small subset of potential topics, but it’s a great example because people are nearly universal in their (ignorant) anger towards the other side. I’ve lost much of my passion for my positions, whereas you’re championing yours. Again, I see that as interesting in light of our shared (to some extent) childhood experiences.

        1. No. (only you get that)

          Bad example on my part – the role of federal government – just pointing to something that, in support of my statements, you can hold passionately and, in support of yours, argue about in the classical sense as opposed to being “ignorantly angry.” (as a political sidebar, there are many people who will be on “my side” of something and still they drive me nuts with their fire-and-brimstone about the other side. You can disagree passionately without incivility.)

          I’m really *most* passionate about the programming on QVC. It’s very strange.

          Sent from a mobile device. Please forgive any misspellings…or die trying.

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