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Fox News reported today that MSNBC lied.

I know, I know. Pot, meet kettle. Stay focused, people.

To be more specific, they reported that the video played on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” was seriously doctored to make Mitt Romney seem out of touch. I’d say the edited video makes him appear downright stupid. I’ll leave it to you to read that short article to see how MSNBC did it, but it was clearly an unethical act by MSNBC, for which they’re apologizing as whole-heartedly as they apologized when they edited the George Zimmerman 911 call.

Andrea Mitchell Reports” were supposed to be reporting “news.” They were supposed to be reporting facts. Yet, despite how easy it is to show that Mitt Romney is out of touch, they felt the need to lie to “prove” that point. Yes, this shows media bias, and if you’re an Obama supporter, you’ll probably…

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