The Joy of Discovery

Darth Vader in Bespin
Like the Dark Lord of the Sith, I am willing to fly into the loving arms of expanded horizons. Also, choking people. I’d be cool with that. (Photo courtesy; and by “courtesy” I mean I got it there.)

Recently I took part in a movie challenge where ideas were exchanged for movies the other person had not seen, partially to test limits (I think) and also to offer interesting alternatives to the other person for their consideration.

I was issued the challenge to watch Arthur (the original 1981 version), Great Expectations (the 1998 version with Ethan Hawke) and Rope (Alfred Hitchcock). This blog is not a review of those films, but rather on the aspect of the challenge that is most fun; the joy of discovery. But even though this blog isn’t about reviewing the films, I will say that Rope is just a stunning example of a true master of cinema at work, and Jimmy Stewart is easily one of the most wonderful actors of days gone by.

I guess in line with my recent expansion into learning about Metal (I’m really digging Lamb of God right now, so thanks to tonbabydc), I’m at a stage where I’m really enjoying breaking out of my comfort zones and learning new things. Or at least, new to me.

What’s most fun about it is that the liking or disliking of a thing is not the important part. The important part is that you try something that isn’t expected. It’s too easy for a life-long Doors to treat other popular music styles dismissively. It’s very limiting to box yourself in to movies that fall into the expected range of your tastes. Sure, I might prefer steak, but if I never eat a hamburger, how will I know if it’s good?

Or for that matter, anyone can make snide remarks about Twilight, but there’s definitely a part of me that feels happy that I can offer an in-depth criticism of it as opposed to a blind and blistering critique based on a surface understanding and general dislike of current pop culture fads.

So yeah, I may be older, but I’m proud to say that apparently I’m still willing to learn and grow; I’m not as set in my ways as I thought I was. And since I consider it a truth that we don’t really start dying until we stop learning, that’s pretty cool.

This means I’m going to live forever, right?


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