Selling Out

I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but recently a coworker noted to me that “Crazy Train” is being used in a minivan ad. The initial emotional reaction, of course, is a sense of sacred betrayal. This song was a thing, Ozzy! You sold out, man! And it joins a long list of […]

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I met up with Frylock this evening, and had a great time talking about everything: from people not reading entire articles and yet still reacting based on headlines, to the relative quality of Star Trek shows (we both agree that Voyager is the worst). And of course, since he’s more learned on the subject of […]

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We All Got It Comin’, Kid

The Schofield Kid Yeah, well, I guess they had it coming. Will Munny We all got it coming, kid. Today, I read something that just made the wind fall out of my sails a little bit more. I’d sort of snickered when DHS was forced to release its list of words to be monitored on […]

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