kessel korner is dead: Long Live kessel korner

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It’s pretty well-established, especially with the recent rash of “Flashback Blogs,” that kessel korner started a long time ago on a different server.

That server is dead now, and while I’ve done my best to preserve everything I can from it, odds are I’ve left a few things that now will never see the light of day again. Some things I left there on purpose, as my tongue–in–cheek Ode to Battlefront II never should have been written in the first place.

While I don’t feel any particular pang of sorrow with its death, I guess it’s one of those “while giants mark time” moments. So much has changed since I wrote my first post on July 28, 2005. (That post was brought back as a Flashback Blog in March 2011.

Walking It Back

When I first started the thing, this was my description of it:

Fans talk about everything, from the minute to the grandiose, from characters to plot. Kessel Korner is instead focused on the metaphorical, metaphysical and mythological layers that Mr. Lucas laid throughout his sweeping epic; I am not concerned so much with the machinations of the plot so much as what those machinations mean.

I like the more implicit intricacies of Star Wars, the things which are said without words and the places that are seen without senses. That does not mean I won’t discuss plot and character – I will. But I prefer to approach it from a different angle, one that perhaps you have yet to consider yourself.

Sometimes, when I’m inspired, I will also rant about other things. And I love to rant. Almost as much as I love Star Wars. That’s a lot.

Since I wrote those words, I’ve become a father twice. I ran a marathon. I experienced the terror of a medication overdose. I’ve moved twice. Somewhere along the way, I even found new friends who are pretty awesome, while connecting again with those I’d lost to time. I came to peace with my faith, which led down a much different path than the one I was on at the time.

For goodness’ sake, Facebook was hardly a household word. MySpace still reigned supreme.

Looking Ahead

Death Star 2
I could make this blog into the Death Star of Star Wars blogs. Fearsome. Recognizable. Vulnerable to a hippie’s imaginings of military tactics…scratch that last part. No hippie is ever going to blow this place up.

So no more Flashback Blogs. No more examinations of past writings on a platform that didn’t even give you social media tools for goodness’ sake. No more Neutral Zone.

Oh, wait. No. That last one is from Star Trek VI.

But what will the future hold? Honestly, I think that the rhythm of this thing is pretty strong now. I might even be joining up with a project headed by a friend of mine, where we’ll get our collective writing out there in the world more than this.

Can you imagine people exposed to the horrors of this blog on a larger scale?



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