They’re finally shutting down the old servers, so I’m starting one last big migration of material so that it isn’t lost forever. This one is a personal favorite, dealing with the inability of fanboys (and girls) to “just let go” of popular/favorite characters.

It was received both well and poorly depending on different people who read it. I liked stirring up a little controversy over there, and this one did.

The thing I enjoyed most was when someone officially employed by the Lucas companies basically agreed with it. Pretty validating.

So enjoy. I doubt it would stir up as much controversy now as it did then. Also, I’ve completely preserved anything about it, even any spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Elvis Dead: Is Elvis Alive?

Originally published May 30, 2006 at

There is quite the debate raging (still) on the Hyperspace Forum as to whether Mace Windu died when he, um, died. Apparently, he is subject to the same resurrecting devotion that brought Boba Fett out of the belly of the Sarlacc.

Welcome to the Video Game generation, where death is temporary and favorite characters come back so long as they’re backed up.

Lucas refers to Mace Windu’s death scene as that – a death scene. Sam Jackson was loudly criticized on the boards for affectionately speaking about his death scene so much. The Databank is completely and compellingly definitive in its statement that Windu is dead.

Mace died. It totally undercuts the tragedy of the situation to allow him any ‘out’. It undercuts the tragedy to imagine that any one of those kids walked out of the Jedi Temple after Anakin ignited his lightsaber. It’s an extension of the whole inability to process the concept of death that ‘resurrected’ Boba Fett for the die-hard fans who have an attachment to him because when they were kids, he caught Han Solo and so that meant he was the ultimate dude because Han Solo was just so cool.

Let’s all start theorizing that Anakin, unfamiliar with Neimoidian physiology, did not really hit a critical spot when he stabbed Nute Gunray. I never saw a medical droid pronounce him dead.

Let’s all start theorizing how Tarkin could have escaped the Death Star. I never saw a body! Just a loosely conglomerated series of images that imply he died on the Death Star, but no one chained him to his command post.

And the wampa did not kill the Tauntaun – he stunned him. Prove definitively that he was eating that actual Tauntaun when Luke disturbed him. Hell, prove the Wampa was a “he”.

It sucks when someone we love dies. Even a fictional character to whom we have become attached. Compassion makes us human, after all. But all the wishing in the world will never bring them back, and I for one would rail against and reject any Lucasfilm property that claimed that Windu survived. It would make Anakin’s fall less important and far less tragic, and lessen the magnitude of his redemption, which is the point of the whole saga.

You must let go of the dead ones, everyone. Let’s focus instead on some more, dynamic characters and plotlines for the new TV show instead of trying to resurrect the dead. Life moves on, and so must we.