Ode to the A-Wing

Wingless bird flying ‘twixt Destroyers and Death Stars With precious little protection While your name’s never said And your pilots Largely ended up dead You were faster than a Falcon Less armored than your cousins Delivering wanton destruction You destroyed an Executor And ended Admiral Piett Vader’s half-wit lackey You flew into our hearts With […]

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The Importance of Good Beer

This blog is dedicated to The Clone, for obvious reasons. See, I used to think nothing of drinking beer. It was a means to an end, largely; not necessarily to get drunk or quiet the voices telling me to burn everything, but at the very least it was just something to consume with dinner or […]

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Memorial Day 2012

War is a terrible thing, sometimes avoidable but often only postponable. The war you choose not to fight today might very well be the war you have to fight tomorrow. I’ve never been in the military. I never enlisted. I considered it, even attending a Marine recruiting session as early as my junior year of […]

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How Important is It?

Lately, Agent Bun and I have gone our separate ways (again) on television watching. By “separate” I mean taking turns on the television; she goes to call up the DVR and I find something else to do. Depending on the situation, I need to get headphones on so I can escape the modulated caterwauling of […]

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