Luke and Carbonite

Recently, regular blog commenter and occasional influencer Tom (who really deserves a proxy vote at any meeting of the Convocation) asked the question, “Why does Luke need to be frozen in Carbonite?” The stock answer is, so the lil’ scamp won’t cause problems on his way to the Emperor. You have to imagine that a […]

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Some Days

Some days are awesome. Some days just stink. Some days, I want to write…about good beer I’ve had, the importance of family or the fact that I feel like I’m starting to find a real niche in my career. Some days I want to scream out, “I figured it out! I know why those bastards […]

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The Shameful List

This blog was inspired by Doppelganger/The Clone; it was a good discussion, and we had it a while back, but unfortunately we didn’t get The Korean’s thoughts on the topic because he’s still sending messages via carrier pigeon instead of The Twitter. We’d had the “Top Five Movies” discussion one night, so the day following […]

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Improbable Match-Up: Solo v. Kirk

Part I: Classic v. Classic Whilst tweeting with some “virtual acquaintances” on The Tweeter*, someone posited whether Solo was a “rip-off” of Kirk.  My response was that no, Solo was Rhett Butler. Then I got to thinking, it’s been a while since I plotted out a fight between two improbable franchise opponents, and I’m curious […]

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