One Quick Note Before 2011 Disappears Forever

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Like last year, since it’s once again time to reflect on the year as it prepares to fly out the door, are my 5 Keystone Reflections from 2011. I’m a little stunned that I’m already writing this, as it seems like just a week or two ago I was settling in for a new job.

Time really flies. I hope that I’ve been as good to people as they deserve, if not better, and that I’ve deserved to be treated as well as I seem to have been.

As usual, this is in no particular order. These are just the five moments that defined the year for me.

  1. I got a new job…and I love it. The people I work with are, on the whole, pretty cool. The atmosphere is much more in line with my personality and all that. I’m not bad-mouthing my former place of employment, I’m just a lot happier in this place. I think I can make a mark, there’s a lot of room to help them improve and if anything the trials and tribulations at my previous position have left me better prepared to handle them. I just have to remember that things change in pieces; iterative processes are the key to improvement, not tidal waves of change.
  2. The kids continue to amaze. This was confirmed just this week when someone who teaches for a living observed my kids and offered that they’re more advanced than perhaps we realized. Roo’s had The Hobbit read to her for a second time and she can chat it up with you like no other 4-year-old on the planet. Bo has her mommy’s looks but her daddy’s sense of mischief, so…prayer. I need prayer.
  3. My faith is stronger than I thought. People have a choice to constantly evolve and adapt, or stagnate and become bitter. My faith has helped me follow the former path. I’m not going to go into incredible detail here, but suffice it to say that my return to faith is not a Mr. Burns-esque “trademark changes of heart” but rather a C.S. Lewis-style shift in being. I’ll share it with the world however I can.
  4. The Nature of My Nerddom Has Changed. I’ll be writing more about it later (I couldn’t compose my thoughts before the close of the year in a coherent way thanks to Dora the Explorer blaring in my “writing room”), but I’ve finally taken the path of 1 Corinthians 13:11. It was accidental, and of all things, thanks to a careless comment that was retweeted on Veteran’s Day by @starwars.
  5. I’m A Lucky Man. In so many ways, though I can be a high-strung guy at times, I know how lucky I am. I am extremely lucky, thankful for it and every day try to work as hard as I can to deserve the many blessings I have and share them as much as I may. It’s too self-serving to go into how I go about that, but I really think if more people stopped s(h)itting on sidewalks or complaining about ‘corporatism’ on their Facebook pages via iPad, and gave more voluntarily of their income and their selves, a lot of problems could be solved without the spittle-flying, finger-wiggling or calls for blood.
Tommy Wiseau, with football.
One thing that could make 2012 awesome? A PREquel to The Room. It can be done.

So that’s it. 2011 sure felt like a big year, but only when examined at the end. Honestly, it felt like it went by a lot quicker than its older brothers.

So farewell, 2011, you treated my family pretty well. Here’s hoping 2012 doesn’t place us in the path of Planet X or knocks loose a Trojan asteroid or something like that.

And the LHC still might rip a hole in the planet? Iran’s almost got a nuke?

OK, um…maybe I’m a little nervous about 2012.


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