A Meeting of the Minds

Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark
File photo of innocent bystander who tried to comprehend the level of our conversation over the last few days. Consider yourself warned.

That’s right, I’m back.

After a sabbatical from writing, which I really kind of needed because I’ve been mentally overloaded, I’m back in the saddle with some big ideas for some quality blogging exercise. I also discovered the reason I’ve been in sort of a rut with figuring out what to write for my return.

The missing ingredient was, for lack of a better word, a coherent inspiration to drive me to write. The Korean would endlessly occasionally complain that I had stopped providing him guidance in life, but still there was nothing there to light the fire in my creative furnace. Jar Jar Hater took the time to berate me (Haters are vicious people!) for not writing enough, but it’s difficult to generate content for someone who believes negativity can spur the creative mind.

And then, inevitably, the dam broke. It began when Jar Jar Hater had the courage to discuss film with me (in person!) and The Korean decided to brave the elements for another fine educational evening. And the Council expanded as well with the addition of someone who for now will be known only as Doppelganger.

This meeting of the minds – A Convocation of Great Thinkers – was able to spur the creative force.

I sincerely wish that someone could have been an objective observer of our Great Convocation just last night, which was a great night without reservation. It was energizing, and with the addition of another voice to the mix, a whole new dimension has opened up.

I sincerely cannot figure out how I’ve been so lucky and blessed to find such awesome people in this life, who are simultaneously funny, thoughtful, intelligent and openly honest about things. Discussions with them feel the way discussions should: easy and natural. I really enjoy that.

So I’m looking forward to starting my next period of regular blogging (though I’m not trying to achieve a daily article by any stretch…yet). Heck, I’m actually excited.

For the next few, I’m also going to give a shout out to each of the Great Thinkers whose discussion spurred that particular blog. I believe in giving back like that.

So let’s get back to work. To make it feel right, to make it feel real, let’s bring it back with a little Star Wars flavor…tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “A Meeting of the Minds

  1. “Mesa day startin’ pretty okee-day with a brisky morning munchen, then boom! Gettin’ berry scared and grabbin’ dat Jedi and pow! Mesa here! Mesa gettin’ berry, berry scared!”

    Bring it, Kessel. You will lose.

  2. I was wondering where you had disappeared to or if I just fell off your mailing list. I was equally disturbed when I found out you wouldn’t be at the Compton Swap party either. So I guess I won’t see you in person, but welcome back to the e-world. You were missed.

    I am of course going to skip all the Star Wars posts though. Guess you can’t please everybody. 🙂

    1. I’ve been lurking on your posts, and yeah, wish we’d be seeing each other in person.

      We’d love to have you both over for dinner, though. Let me know if there’s some time after Christmas that works.

      Also, remember: Dark Knight Rises. I’ve got a seat reserved for you on opening day. Don’t let me down.

      1. I’ve never been much of an opening day guy, but I will make an exception. Unless I’m tired. 🙂

        And I started doing this movie thing on my site where I decided that when I watch two movies, no matter how far apart in time they are, I battle them against each other on my site. It was an interesting concept designed to stimulate some neurons. Until I decided to make it into a 64-movie tournament. Now it’s all I write about besides my weekly football column. I’m stuck. I need help.

        As for dinner, I’ll talk to Jenn. I would like to do stuff like that with friends when we have the chance. We have discovered weeknights are kind of a tight squeeze, especially with my commute from Baltimore. But Friday or Saturday is usually decent. I’ll be in touch.

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