Occupy This Blog

Ah, yes. Politics. Something I typically avoid on this blog, unless I’m chatting it up in terms of analyzing the byzantine structure of Star Wars governance. However, every so often something just grabs your attention and you feel inspired. That’s right, the ‘Occupy’ protests around the world today have inspired me! Strange indeed. While I’m […]

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Loathing Las Vegas

I promised myself I’d give myself a little time before writing this, and almost a month has passed, so here is the collection of my reflections after being in Las Vegas for 8 long days (9 including travel). And I even hate flying, so that was a real hoot. Hurtling through the air in a […]

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Rediscovering LOST: Season 1

Spoiler-free for your enjoyment! (But I might have goofed without realizing it, so be warned). As I’ve mentioned before, I got the entire run of LOST on Blu-Ray as a birthday gift and we committed to re-watching the entire series since we now had it at our fingertips. It may have taken longer than intended, […]

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The “Great Man” Theory

Dozens of obit writers, Tweeple and FB friends are posting, re-posting and cross-posting items related to the life and death of Steve Jobs, pioneering thinker and innovator, and the co-founder of Apple that everyone can name off the top of their heads. I have nothing I can really add to that. But it did trigger […]

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