Dead at 27: Amy Winehouse

I’m not an Amy Winehouse fan. I’ve been tangentially aware of her music, and knew her more for the stories about what a sadly self-destructive trajectory she was taking. It became something of a joke in pop culture blogs and the tabloids to predict how much longer she had left to live. It’s a script […]

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Daddy, Don’t Work Tonight

With that phrase, my heart filled with tears and my brain’s guilt centers went into hyperdrive. I’m a workaholic. Contrary to what some former colleagues might say, because I didn’t match their own levels of obsession, I obsess over my work. It drives me insane when something doesn’t work right. It becomes a point of […]

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Netflix: Diabolically Brilliant

For once I’m topical! So anyway, Netflix is run by a bunch of bastards. They charge less outside America, if for no other reason than “What the Heck, screw Americans because we have a low opinion of them.” Now let’s add the insult of effectively doubling the price of the service…just because they can. But […]

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