The Force Power I’d Most Like to Have

Obi Wan
You *will* give me a free dessert with my order.

This, I think, is an eternal question for any Star Wars fan…if not the eternal question for every Star Wars fan.

If you could have a Force power, which would it be?

Obviously, if you’re a Jedi or a Sith, you’d be able to have the multitude of powers associated. You could therefore just ask the question, would you be a Jedi or a Sith? Divorcing it from a good/evil question, you can just ask which bank of uniquely aligned powers would you select?

But asking which one power you’d take, that’s a fun one. It forces you to be highly selective. And to be fair, I have to consider the aspects of good and evil, because some of the powers are inextricably tied to them, and some of them I consider corrupting in their nature anyway.


There are the practical powers. The ability to “shove” something with the Force to move something out of the way, knock over an obstacle or even save a person from harm is useful and in many ways alluring.

The ability to levitate things would also be useful. I might never need to move an X-Wing, but I’d love to be able to lift something onto a moving truck without throwing out my back ever again.

It would be highly practical to use telepathy to communicate with another person over long distances. Distracting, and very tempting to abuse to make them embarrass themselves in group settings, but practical if you want to make sure someone remembers to pick up something at the store.

Semi-Benevolent Even When Evil

Then there are the powers that can be used either way, depending on your own disposition.

Would you go for the ability to influence others’ minds? Imagine the opportunities. As a married man, I can tell you I’d love to have the power to influence the way someone else thinks, if for no other reason than to just skip the part where I have to spend years of logical argument to counter the programming of People magazine and American Idol.

Hell, I’d use it just to control the Netflix queue at this point. Agent Bun is as relentless as Palpatine during a Senate debate.

(Side question: did Palpatine use Force powers while in the Senate, or just sly maneuvering? Would he have given himself completely away to the Jedi if he’d been too “active” with his powers?)

Seriously, though, you’ll note that you never see the Sith use “Force Suggestion.” I think that this is a philosophical illustration — the Jedi suggest things to those who wish to do harm, usually to get to a benevolent end, whereas the Sith don’t bother with suggestion and just punish you when you don’t do what they say.

Nothing Redemptive

Ozzel's End
This is the Dark Side power that sells itself the most. Oh, how it sells itself.

Force Lightning. Force Choke. Simply having these powers is corrupting in and of itself.

What the Hell else can you use them for besides punishment of subordinates and the incompetent? Or pesky farm boys willing to live on honest principles instead of following the will of a corrupt leader?

Still, it’s incredibly tempting to be able to kill someone without any fingerprints, DNA or convictions. Which is the problem in and of itself. Since I believe in the sanctity of life, I’d have to be using the power only in a justifiable setting to prevent a greater evil, and even then I know that I’d walk the Earth looking for justifiable settings.

So Which to Choose?

I’d have to go with telekinesis. Though telepathy is extremely alluring, telekinesis is the most practical. Move the lawn mower across the lawn, lift the cut up tree parts to the back of the yard…levitate Bo onto the potty in an attempt to help train her.

It’s also the one I see as the least likely to take me down the path to evil. Influence others’ minds, choke them to death…fry them like greasy chicken with lightning…yeah, telekinesis is the only safe bet.


16 thoughts on “The Force Power I’d Most Like to Have

      1. I posted my choice before even reading your blog. I agree with Thomas though. You could use it to charge a car battery. You could also use it to defibrillate someone.

        But, let’s be honest. There are some drivers in Northern Virginia who deserve the full brunt of force lightening, and you would not feel sorry for them.

        1. “Tom” is not “Thomas.” I do know people who aren’t related to me, and there are actually even more lurkers who read but don’t comment (shame on them).

          Even if in the moment I might relish the thought of some jerkweed suffering, on a longer timeline I’d definitely chalk it up as a bad thing.

    1. I’m making the judgment call that “seeing things before they happen” isn’t a power so much as a side-effect. As demonstrated with Anakin, it’s simply there, though it can be developed further. The other powers, to me, are things that have to be “added on”; Anakin wasn’t born with the ability to choke someone with his mind, whereas enhanced intuition was simply a part of his makeup.

  1. Telekinesis could be used to steal, maim, and kill, too. It’s not all about impressing Padme and potty training.

  2. Not to burst a bubble, but choking someone through the force is just a use of telekinesis, not a separate power.

    A force power is like any other tool, not inherently good or evil. It depends upon how it is used (for instance, using TK to push a car out of your way), and what is motivating its use.

    Sure, TK can be used to save someone from falling to their deaths after stumbling on a ledge, but it can also be used to hurl objects at a person to force them out a window. Or choke a person. Or drop a piano on them.

    Even something like lightning can be used for a good cause, so the morality of the whole thing enters into it. Even if used to kill, if done in the service of a greater cause, is something irredeemably evil?

    1. “choking someone through the force is just a use of telekinesis” — I can see the argument for that, for the sake of argument. But you could also say that it’s an off-shoot of the power of suggestion as you tell their brain to stop working that part if you want to start splitting hairs; I’ve always split those powers out from each other. Just because I can use a car to knock down a wall, doesn’t mean it’s a bulldozer.

      “Even if used to kill, if done in the service of a greater cause, is something irredeemably evil?”

      The logical extreme of that argument could be that murdering an inner city child who’s more prone to become involved in a gang is justifiable since “they’ll probably cause more harm than good.” After all, you’re possibly preventing future harm!

      But taking your argument in the spirit in which I think you meant it, frying someone who’s about to detonate a bomb is not evil in and of itself. It’s a slippery slope, but fair enough. In the moment, you could make the right call there.

      However, clearly established in the films and even the additional literature that I both enjoy and despise, force lightning is an arcane art available to the Dark Side exclusively. That’s why Dooku and Palpatine throw lightning and Yoda dissipates it or deflects it.

  3. Hands down, I go with telekinetics. I could use mind control to get other people to lift things, mow the lawn, etc., but it remains inefficient. I could use mind control to get a mugger to leave me a lone, but throwing him to the other side of the Potomac is just as effective.

    In any case, we’re all worthless and weak, so any power would quickly be abused. Seriously, I don’t even know how I’d behave if I won $300,000,000 in the lottery. Force powers? Forget about it.

    “The world is mine! The world is mine!”

  4. Maybe I’m biased because of the current situation I’m dealing with, but I’d go with telepathy. I’d really like to convice this hotel that booked a $2k room in Chicago on my account that truth be told, I was NOT the one who booked it. But I digress…

    I would totally use telepathy to suggest that others do good things and be better all-around people, among other things. I really don’t think I would use it for anything malicious. Don’t laugh!!

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