10 Lessons in 10 Days

Agent Bun’s just returned, finishing Daddy’s 10-day Reign of Terror.

Because I’m decompressing and happy that she’s home safe and just celebrated no longer being solo by actually leaving the house on a whim, I altered the “publishing schedule” to allow for some reflection about how the last ten days have gone.

Since I love lists, I made one.

    10 Lessons I Learned About My Parenting Style and My Kids in 10 Days

  1. I’m a natural leader. I seem to have a knack for knowing when I need to bribe, when I need to cajole, when to sweet–talk and when to use mind games to get people to do my bidding. And by people, I mean kids, and by kids I mean everyone who’s not me.
  2. I Spoil the Child. And you know what, my kids are pretty well–behaved. Above average, I’d say. Agent Bun and I have always gone soft on the punishments and hyper-active on the snuggling, so I stand by the idea that one should use punishment only as a last resort. But it should always be on the table as an option, at least in the kids’ minds. If they think you won’t punish at all, then you’re more useless than a UN Resolution or NATO bombing campaign.
  3. These Children Are Brilliant. I don’t know how else to say it. They’re smarter than we have a right to expect. We’re going to see great things from these girls.
  4. Even I Have a Limit on Repeat Viewings of the Same Star Wars Material. I was so overjoyed when Mia requested Wizard of Oz this week I could’ve cried. We’ve watched the same episodes of Clone Wars every day, with no variance. None. If we simply watched different episodes every day, that’d be one thing. But I really need to buy the later seasons on DVD or I’m going to snap.
  5. Abandonment of Self. Seems odd since “I” am the focus of this list, but the key to surviving this week was simply letting go of the idea that I’d get anything done that I wanted before the kids were in bed. I adjusted my expectations, and wasn’t disappointed. Worked out pretty well, in fact.
  6. Bear and Bo Are Going to be a Formidable Team. When they work together, I just give them the victory. I figure if I study their tactics now, they’ll be easier to defeat later. I’m banking a lot on that theory.
  7. Reading is More Relaxing than Television. I read more than I have in a while, and I was happier for it. The girls read a lot (they always do) and I’m glad they got that love from both their parents.
  8. My Extended Family is Awesome. Some of them I might not extend that sentiment toward all the time, but the people with which I got to spend time this past week, and who Mia and Maddy got to spend time with, are fantastic, salt-of-the-Earth people and I’m honored to know them, much less be related to them.
  9. Bo has a Head of Pure Granite. Not surprising, since she’s my kid, but she took shots that would have killed me. Bear’s a klutz (see also, my child), but Bo’s got some sort of superhuman thing going on. Should I be scared?
  10. Never Understimate the Power of the Nap. I appreciate them more now than ever. Without one, Bo’s pretty much ready to drink blood by nightfall and Bear’s an emotional wreck. Naps are necessary for at least another year or two.

So there you go. Now that there’s someone else on duty with me, I’m going to allow myself a drink.


3 thoughts on “10 Lessons in 10 Days

  1. Is “Bo” supposed to be pronounced “boo” as in peek-a-boo? Or “bow” like Bo Derek? I’m mainly asking for the readers who don’t already know?

    1. Like RAM-Bo. 🙂 Because she’s a little daredevil. (So, like Bo Derek, but it sprang from the Rambo thing when she pulled off a couple of stunts that made my heart stop.)

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