Taking the Night Off, Meatbags!

This guy is the same as...

But I couldn’t just do nothing. Ha ha…OCD.

Futurama’s back on tonight with a back-to-back season opener (sounds Shakespearean!) and I bought Twizzlers sweet and sour filled twists to sit down and enjoy while I’m poisoning my eyeballs with more Zoidberg-sourced radiation.

And the Star Wars tie-in is this: John DiMaggio, the voice of everyone’s favorite tin scamp, Bender, was the first actor to voice General Grievous. It’s true! In the Clone Wars micro-series that introduced Grievous to the world officially, it was Bender that was telling the Jedi to bite his shiny metal ass of death-fighting.

Genndy T Grievous
...this guy?

There are some that even prefer that version of Grievous, who was not a coward, as Mace Windu said in Episode III, but a certifiable death machine (I call those people “fools”). Of course, in the micro-series Windu delivered what was to be the “canon” reason for Grievous’ breathing issues, until other “Expanded Universe” sources contradicted it.

Oh, those zany pieces of fan fiction that we fans pay for when they come in purdy covers.

Anyway, the next time you doubt that Bender really does want to kill all humans, now you know he ain’t kidding.

So that’s it, meat bags. Enjoy your Futurama. Or if you don’t like Futurama, well…I got nothing. You’re like some bizarre inhabitant of a world I’ll never understand.


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