Fine, It’s Pretty Freaking Cool

SW Radio Drama Poster
It was on National Public Radio, so all of my Leftist friends are required by law to support my playing these for them.

I’ve revealed before that the girls got into Star Wars independent of me.

I didn’t start it, I didn’t necessarily encourage it, but I’ll admit that I’m starting to enjoy the Hell out of it. And the next stage just happened. As Agent Bun is out of town and Daddy is flying (Han?) solo this week, I’m driving the girls to and from day care every day. They go with me to get gas, go shopping.

And they typically ask to listen to Star Wars music.

So I turned it on its head. I dragged out the Star Wars Radio Dramas (maddeningly for me, they only made them for the originals) and started playing them. Besides, I have to commute in the car for about an hour-plus every day now, so it’s fun to listen to them. I might even start picking up other radio dramas like The Shadow — it’ll beat having to listen to the Sports Junkies blather on in their bizarre half-language in the morning.

And the girls are into it. They’re using theatre of the mind — we don’t even watch the live-action movies. They dig the clones, Kit Fisto and listening to the voice talents dramatize Luke’s story.

How could I not love this while it lasts? I’m only human.

And one lucky Daddy.


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