Flashback Blog: The Jedi Training Regimen

Michael Corelone
This will forever play in anyone's head when someone says "Godfather."

I got the honor of standing as godfather for someone today, something I take very seriously. It’s one of the greatest and most flattering honors anyone can ask, and I was thrilled today to stand with two very fine people and their families for such a wonderful moment. I’m truly and deeply touched that they asked, and so happy to become an important part of the little guy’s life (he’s a cutie, too).

So I wasn’t really going to detract from preparing for that to create a completely fresh blog today. So, you get a whimsical little missive I wrote a few years ago musing on the physical training of the Jedi.


Flashback Blog: The Jedi Training Regimen

Originally published Apr 20, 2006 at the original kessel korner

Obi-Wan and Anakin Chop Battle Droids
Yeah, this is the image I used originally. They had a library of them, and this was the closest to appropriate.

The Jedi are physical specimens capable of tremendous feats of strength and agility. They leap great distances and move like cheetahs on speed when necessary. I understand that they use the Force to assist, but the simple fact remains that they would have to be in terrific shape.

I know that goes without saying to all of the Star Wars fans out there. The Jedi are heroes, and heroes are always in great shape. The only possible exception is Obi-Wan in A New Hope, when age saw fit to expand his midsection ever so subtly. Good thing he wore flattering robes to cover that up.

But while I was knocking out some time in the gym the other day, I thought to myself – how the Hell do they stay in such marvelous shape? If you were to take into account all of the adventures they are supposed to be having constantly (if you are a faithful subscriber to EU, I still don’t know how they get more than 2 hours of sleep per month), they have no time to actually train.

Now, I know that some of you will say, “But those constant adventures keep them in shape.” That would work to an extent. But a lot of their adventures focus on parries and slashes, and they would have to do a lot to make sure that their endurance and flexibility were constantly top-notch.

I mean, they would have to do some sort of Yoga-type exercises for at least two hours per morning. You don’t wake up flexible. Quite the opposite. Of course, they would need cool-down stretches after any strenuous adventure, too.

To be spry and agile, you also need a good night’s rest. You can go a couple days with very little sleep, but eventually that would catch up with you. And going into a meditative trance can only work for so long.

As for cardio, they would need to hit the treadmill, or an outdoor course, pretty frequently. Of course, though there is a benefit to running, that would also take its toll over time.

So Order 66 works on a whole new level for me. With all of those things that they would have to do, it’s no wonder Palpatine wore them out and took them by surprise. Either that, or the war led them to let their training slip, and they got sloppy. So the next time you wonder how they could let it happen, think about that.


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