The Star Wars BluRay Announcement: My Predictions


They botched this announcement. Completely. From execution to information, what a giant FAIL. Anyway, here’s the information. At least you won’t have to suffer through their deranged “preview” site. Original predictions may come true, we’ll just have to wait for September to see how right or wrong I am.

Star Wars BluRay logo
Hey, I allow myself some minor pleasures still. It can't all be self-restraint, prayer and self-delusion.

I’m in a writer-y kind of mood tonight, and promised myself that I’d make my predictions “official” for what promises will be a big surprise for what will be in the set. With the announcement breaking tomorrow, I’ll give you my calls on what’s going to be included. My predictions apply to the full set. I’ll double back and update this post to see whether I get anything right.

And look at the time stamp, skeptics, I’m committing this to the record a about nine and a half hours before the announcement is scheduled. No inside tips, just some hunches.

Top Predictions

  1. The films will be tweaked again. And if that surprises you, you should lose your right to vote. They “fixed” Jabba in 2004 for the A New Hope DVD, I can imagine only that BluRay is going to force their hand to tweak things like that again. The changes may be minor, but trust me I’ll catch them if it comes to that. I think Episode I could easily see a redress of some of the pacing issues I’ve highlighted in my own review.
  2. Additional Qui-Gon Ghost Dialogue in Episode III. It was scripted, made it into the novelization and they even had the scene in the movie, just without the voice. Since Liam Neeson did voice work more than a year ago for The Clone Wars, I suspect they got his dulcet tones laid down for ADR on the film. There’s even a possibility we hear new Neeson in Episode II but that’s a way outside shot.
  3. Cut scenes from the original three. And I mean a treasure trove. They unveiled the completed, scored and edited Luke-before-Jabba-on-Tatooine scene in Return of the Jedi, long desired by fans, at Celebration V. There are plenty of other scenes we all know about that I’d be shocked if they didn’t include.
  4. Every Original Documentary Made About the Films. From The Making of Star Wars to SPFX to the one released in the Original Trilogy DVD set in 2004.
  5. The Original Versions of the Original Films. Could happen. It would be nice, just for the archival purposes.

My One Not Real Prediction

The Star Wars Holiday Special. And even if I were right, I still would never, ever, ever watch it, ever again. You’d have to threaten my kids to get me to watch it again. But I’ve just got one of those bad feelings about it. Like it would be Lucas’ ultimate Eff You to the Incessant Whiners. I don’t really think this will happen. But still.

And I’ll Update This Post Tomorrow

So there you go. In less than hours we’ll find out how wrong, or how right, I am. Don’t care even if I’m 100% wrong, because I’m finally getting an excuse to buy a (cheap) BluRay player so I can watch these movies in HD (and resultingly start streaming Netflix on a regular basis).

And Osama bin Laden’s still dead, we’ve got all his hard drives…this week’s just chock full of awesome.


2 thoughts on “The Star Wars BluRay Announcement: My Predictions

  1. When my wife and I got married, we bought a blue-ray player, and stream Netflix movies/old TV shows on it all the time. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    As for Star Wars on blue-ray, I am really looking forward to it. I wonder if they will include any of the “beginning of the Rebel Alliance” scenes that were omitted in Episode III. I was always under the impression that Lucas regretted cutting those scenes from the film.

  2. Yeah, the hurdle has been I don’t want to pay for XBox Live Gold. Seemed kind of excessive since I go through spells where I’m not online, or don’t play games at all depending on how busy I am.

    I had always heard that Lucas cut at least one of the Rebel Alliance scenes because Bai Ling went and got naked for Playboy and used Star Wars to promote it. But that was all message board hearsay from, so who knows? I’d like to see the scenes, too, though the film works well without ’em.

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