Memorial Day 2011

Nothing I can say today except this: the lyrics below are to a song called “My Buddy.” According to my father, when this song came on at an American Legion gathering, my Grampy — a World War II vet who served in Burma — would get up and walk out of the room. My Grampy […]

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A Tale of Two Funnies

Recently, I had promised to go see Water for Elephants with Agent Bun, and we had some movie ticket coupons which meant we’d be going “for free.” We met up after work, walked into the theatre and realized that Fandango’s movie times, researched on Thursday, did not project into Friday. So we had to adapt. […]

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Understanding Hamlet

Recently I watched Kenneth Branagh’s epic film version of Hamlet again, and was once again struck by both its scope and intimacy — like the play itself. It served again as a reminder that it is, without a doubt, the definitive film version of the play. Indeed, so far as I’m concerned, it’s the only […]

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Days of Wine and Roses

Last night, on the advice of an old friend with a deep knowledge of classic films, I watched Days of Wine and Roses, starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick. Looking at the way the titles were done and the fact it was directed by Blake Edwards, I expected something lighter than it was. But my […]

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