The Indefensible Act

In my last blog, Understanding Dooku, commenter Hawk brought up a great point about Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side, especially in the context of his eventual redemption. While I discussed it once before in the context of the blog Troubling Immortality, I think that this is a good chance to probe the matter more […]

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Understanding Dooku

There’s been a lot of talk about rhetoric, the motivations of madmen (as if they need any) and the state of the American body politic. It’s understandable in the wake of the recent headlines. We always want to understand evil because to the basic person, whom I maintain is at their core born with a […]

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The Litany of the Nicknames

Recently a friend of mine called attention to the litany of nicknames I have for my family. While not unique to have names of endearment for people, I pride myself on having been trained by my father (and to a lesser extend, my late uncle Bruce) in the linguistic acrobatics and abstract logic necessary to […]

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Freedom of Speech My Ass

I’ll to get back to the Star Wars stuff shortly enough. This post is guaranteed to offend if you’re of sensitive sensibility, are offended by cursing or harsh language, or even the occasional slur. I’m not using them in any context except discussion, and I’m not going to wuss out and use the stupid code […]

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2010 Stats

WordPress sent me this recently, and the blog I was writing tonight got me all fired up and I can’t finish it before going to sleep, and if I don’t post anything I’ll feel like I wasted the night, so here you go: The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did […]

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Christmas Vacation

Christmas vacation ends for me in the morning, and as I sit here prepping for work since my mind won’t let me sleep, I’ve decided to bless the world with another blog. I want to be more consistent with this in 2011, maybe even finding time to bend the design a bit more to my […]

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