Called to Be a Father

I’ve written before how my mother wanted me to be a priest. She was all gung-ho about the idea, and when I would counter that I wanted to be an actor, she would always mention how priests had to be great speakers and that was a way I could exercise that gift. I’m pretty sure […]

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Flashback Blog: Superman v. Anakin

This post was originally published at on August 8, 2006. Working on another blog that’ll be coming out soon (and which I didn’t have time to work on this weekend), I was reminded of it because I started thinking about Superman. Specifically, I started thinking about Superman Returns and how I feel like I […]

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Understanding Comedy

I know some funny people. My buddy Dustin is a whole lot of funny, and he has a knack for making people laugh. I like to think that from time to time I can crack wise fairly well. But there is one area of comedy that constantly leaves me befuddled. Namely, famous comedians and their […]

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