Chicago: Day One

I meant to complete this and post it on Sunday, but instead went to dinner and then hit the hotel gym. As they say on Earth…c’est la vie. Either way, why let the reflections on the day go to waste?

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In Praise of My Brother

Not everyone knows my brother who knows me, but anyone who knows me, knows how much he means. Recently I had reason to see once again what an accomplished, focused man he is. It was impressive. A lot of people underestimate him because he keeps a lot about himself closely guarded. Heck, there have been […]

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Star Wars v. Star Trek

It’s an old debate – Star Wars versus Star Trek. But I’m going to compare and contrast the two on a level that isn’t typically examined: How badly the franchises financially brutalize their fans. Enjoy this fun examination of two economic empires built on grown mens’ inability to grow up. Star Wars: If You Can […]

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All About Vader

Blame this one on my friend Chris. He and I started trading comments about Vader one day as a running joke and bam – this blog was born as I once more revise my thoughts on my generation’s favorite fictional bad guy.

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