Better Things To Do Than Earth Hour

This is one of my annual ‘Holden Caulfield’ moments. I suppose I’m being controversial for once.

Naturally, there is a certain segment of the population that’s going to participate in the feel-good guilt-lessening “Earth Hour” and I sincerely hope that they remember not only to turn things off, but pop the circuit breakers in their houses/apartments, including the heating/ac units, modems and completely unplug their computers and don’t use their smartphones to pass the time.  Because otherwise, you’re still draining the grid.

Turning off your crap for an hour is meaningless.  If it makes you feel better, then great, but you’re not changing the world.  If anything, you’ll add to the stress of the power grids when everyone turns everything back on at the 61st minute.  But then, maybe that’ll trigger a blackout, which honestly is even better for Mother Earth!

You want to do good and use less power?

    Try the following, if you dare:

  1. Read books instead of watching TV every day. Encourage your kids to stop watching Dora and the like as well, and get them doing arts and crafts instead of watching TV.
  2. Stop eating out. Eat what you can make.
  3. Stop playing online games. Server farms are a huge drain on the world’s power supply and in fact lead to more natural resource devastation as Google, Microsoft and whomever else race to stake out spots to build the next hydroelectric power plant. Again, read a book or pick up a hobby instead of playing World of Warcraft.
  4. Go to bed at sunset. You’ll naturally watch less TV and use less power if, as your body was wired to do, you woke up and went to bed with the sun.

Those are of course just a few suggestions. Instead of wasting everyone’s time with turning off your lights and still living in central air heated/cooled luxury, get back in touch with your roots and live more ruggedly. Like our grandparents did, who didn’t have central air. Like most of the world does already.

After all, if you’re really committed to the cause, this isn’t too much to ask. And you can stop pretending that this whole ‘Earth Hour’ thing is in the same vein as the well-to-do college kids who live “homeless” for the night, with the full knowledge that the next morning they’ve got a hot shower and cup of coffee waiting for them.

Let’s play the honesty game and just try to live smarter and use what makes sense.  And make sure what makes sense isn’t just tailored to what you judge in other people, but includes your own faults too.


4 thoughts on “Better Things To Do Than Earth Hour

  1. “Mother Earth started the game of survival. And, now she wants to quit because she’s losing? Well, I say, ‘hard cheese.'” – Mr. Burns

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