LOST plane wreckage

Rediscovering LOST: Season 1

Spoiler-free for your enjoyment!

LOST plane wreckage

I probably wouldn't try to leave the island if my kids were there too.

(But I might have goofed without realizing it, so be warned).

As I’ve mentioned before, I got the entire run of LOST on Blu-Ray as a birthday gift and we committed to re-watching the entire series since we now had it at our fingertips. It may have taken longer than intended, but life gets in the way and I’ve been to Vegas for work for an interminable amount of time (more on that shortly), synchronizing TV viewing schedules with Agent Bun when we’ve both got ridiculous work schedules (note slowed blog production) and having (the two most adorable) children tends to lengthen your timelines.

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