Impending Match-Up: Giants v. Patriots

Here We Go Again

I hate Eli Mannign and Tom Coughlin

L-R: Frankenstein's Monster congratulates Melon Head and the Old Guy from Poltergeist 2 after SBXLII

A scant four years after the luckiest catch in football ruined our chances to see history made and shut up the damned 1972 Miami Dolphins forever, we’re faced again with the New York Giants and New England Patriots in a Super Bowl.

I can think of no better symbol of the malaise which we all feel in this country right now than having to watch what is essentially a repeat of a Super Bowl.

It’s not that the thing itself is bad it’s that, like our current economic quagmire, we seem doomed to repeat past mistakes until everything seems pointless.

So as a public service I’ve decided to make things fun again by adapting the Improbable Match-Ups format for Super Bowl XLVI.

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