Let Us Sit Upon the Grass and Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Twin Peaks

…or rather, let’s just take a moment to remember a show that re-shaped what people thought was possible on network television. Twin Peaks aired for the last time on June 10, 1991.

It had a visionary bend beyond its years, and was the first in a long line of examples of network execs killing shows that they didn’t understand.

Twin Peaks Title Card

The music from this show would be enough to calm Bruce Banner down for all time. When I work in the yard, I still listen to it. It’s just strangely perfect.

ABC kind of redeemed themselves with LOST, but you can just look at a veritable pantheon of shows that have been cancelled because execs don’t understand that a devoted fan-base willing to part with cash for merchandise is just as valuable as ad dollars. Get a piece of the action, son, and then let the advertising be an after-thought. WB seems to have done that for Clone Wars, and they’re killing with it in respect, money and awards.

If FOX had learned anything, they wouldn’t have wronged Firefly or Futurama. Or Arrested Development. They over–compensated with X–Files, but I’d almost rather have too much of a good thing than not enough (although The Sopranos is an elegant argument against that point too).

My hope is that we’re witnessing the tipping point with Netflix and Amazon opening up the streaming markets, and the cable nets willing to live off the niche fan bases (Tron: Uprising just started on Disney XD), and traditional ratings will become less important. It’s a dream I can have, at least.

But for now, let’s remember our first piece of dramatic license so rare that 21 years later, a silly nerd would write about a show that lasted only two seasons. Unlike Star Trek, there was no 40-year franchise built on our cancellation. There was no movie to wrap up things like Firefly got.

Someday. Someday someone can wise up and at least start a book series. Or a reboot.


Why I Love The Clone Wars

Clone Wars title logo

They do this cool thing, when the story is going to be especially about dark things, where they turn this logo red when it does the opening credits thing. Little details like that go a long way.

I love the TV show The Clone Wars.

I’m sure that comes as no surprise to anyone.

However, it goes beyond the obligatory Star Wars fandom and mind-set. Heck, I know people who weren’t ever die–hard Star Wars fans who have nonetheless picked up on the show because it’s got real quality writing behind it.

It’s whimsical and fun, and works hard to stay within the boundaries of the films while throwing some real surprises to the audience. I mean real, “red meat” surprises to the core fans; the ones who haven’t lost their minds at least.

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Daddy, Don’t Work Tonight


Curse unto thee, inventor of the portable computer!

With that phrase, my heart filled with tears and my brain’s guilt centers went into hyperdrive.

I’m a workaholic. Contrary to what some former colleagues might say, because I didn’t match their own levels of obsession, I obsess over my work.

It drives me insane when something doesn’t work right. It becomes a point of irritation when I work really hard on something only to have objectives change, or things not line up exactly the way I want them.

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