So I Got A New MacBook

Look, with the way I feel like I’ve been metaphorically run through the emotional ringer since early in November, I decided that with some saved up money I was going to treat myself. Not just a little bit either. And with something that would be useful to me in a lot of ways. So yesterday […]

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The “Great Man” Theory

Dozens of obit writers, Tweeple and FB friends are posting, re-posting and cross-posting items related to the life and death of Steve Jobs, pioneering thinker and innovator, and the co-founder of Apple that everyone can name off the top of their heads. I have nothing I can really add to that. But it did trigger […]

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[Expletive Deleted]

You know when you hit that point where you feel like there’s a literal fire burning in your chest, and if one more thing ticks you off you’re going to grab something near you and go all “Gorilla testing Samsonite luggage” on it? That’s where I am.

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